By the Light of the Moon

So today was my second day of waking for my 5am run before work. Aaaand the second day it didn’t happen.  Why?  Well, yesterday I will admit to hitting snooze and rolling back over for another 30 minutes of sleep, but this morning I was up and ready to roll.  There was just one little thing standing between me and my workout.

It was DARK.

When we lived in the city I would run at night or in the early morning and not think anything of it.  The city lights cast a yellow glow over all of Baltimore and if I stuck to major streets (which I was apt to do for safety) there was plenty of light from the streetlamps.  Call me silly for not earlier considering the possibility, but this is not so in the suburbs!  When my alarm went off at 5am, I hoped out of bed, looked out then window, and…

It was DARK.  Like, REAL dark.

I peered down the end of our cul-de-sac toward the main road that twists through our neighborhood and saw nothing.  No street lights, no glow from the city, hardly even a porch light.  I couldn’t even make out my driveway.

So I went back to bed.

I fired up my Kindle and Googled “night gear for running”.  I’ve heard a lot of good things about Nathan’s vests so that’s where I started.  I found this lightweight vest that looks comfortable and a nice clip-on strobe for added visibility.

running vest nightgear

running strobe  nightgearAnd then I saw their headlamp section and realized I would probably need one of those too.running headlamp nightgear

This was suddenly getting a little expensive. Guess my morning runs won’t start for a while longer.  While I mulled these potential purchases over, I packed my gym bag and made plans for a lunchtime run.

No excuses.


3 Responses to By the Light of the Moon

  1. abbi says:

    You are back…and with a lot of changes!! I always wondered where you went! Looking forward to following how things go for you and also looking forward to reading your other blog. Something I vaguely referenced in my blog post is actually that we’re in the process of buying a 2nd place…it’s unfinished and we’ll be doing all the work ourselves!

  2. Doh … I really need to figure out commenting with the dual blog thing going on! lol

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