Welcome to Suburbia

I mentioned previously that my husband and I had purchased a new home across town. We moved in last weekend and this morning was my first run through the community. I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time. Our new neighborhood is pretty densely treed, with very little traffic. It’s beautiful and I still can’t believe I’m able to step out my front door and run though this lovely place whenever I want to.

I packed Logan into his stroller with snacks and drinks, and grabbed a street map printed from Google maps which I plan to keep in the stroller until I get my bearings. We set off on a planned 3 mile run, but I cut it a bit short. Holy cow, I thought my last neighborhood was hilly? This place is nuts! Especially when pushing 65lbs of stroller/baby weight. I think I’m going to leave him at home for my next few runs–I need to get in shape to conquer these hills on my own before I can take that stroller back out!

We had a good time though. I showed Logan where his elementary school is (who cares if that’s 4 years away and he has no concept of what school is?) and enjoyed the wildlife. There are a lot of deer, fox, and rabbits cohabitating with us in this new space (who cares if Logan calls them all dogs for now?) and I love that we can introduce him to that. It’s a far cry from the condoms and crack spoons we used to encounter on our runs in the city!


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