Winter 2010
Marathon season has passed and all that’s left is snowy trails and icy roads!  Where’s the incentive to keep up the hard work?  Read about my game plan here, and check out my winter training program below.

My Winter Training Plan for 2010 


Fall 2010
With only 6 weeks between my first marathon (The Under Armour Baltimore Marathon) and my second (the NCR Trail Marathon), I am following Hal Higdon’s Multiple Marathons program to guide me through a 2 week recovery period, 2 weeks of serious training, and another 2 week taper.  I have beefed his program up with some speed work and tempo runs, much likes those in the SmartCoach program I followed this past summer (see below).

My Six Week Training Plan for Marathon #2


Summer 2010
I developed the following training schedule using the SmartCoach Training Program from Runner’s World.   According to the program, by October 16th I should be able to run 26.2 miles at an average pace of 9:49 for a finish time of 4:17:27.  Wish me luck! 

My Marathon Training Plan


2 Responses to Training

  1. Gerry Hong says:

    I’m giving your six week training plan a shot for the Death Valley Trail Marathon on 12/1. Wish me luck!

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