Meet Olivia

I am many things: an overthinker, a Marketing Coordinator, an impatient cook (and far from the  greatest), a sucker for prime time TV, a wife, an exercise  fiend, a dog person (without a dog), an avid DIYer (though I really should just pay the experts), and a runner.

Let’s start at the beginning. I am a California transplant living in Baltimore.  I moved here in 2006 and met my soon to be husband, Kirk, six weeks later.   We’ve been married since May of 2009 and have been trying recently to live more in the moment.  For us that means putting kids (and the dog) on hold so that we can enjoy life to the fullest extent we can – be that through travel, impulse buys, entrepreneurial whims, training for marathons, you know, whatever GRABS us. It’s our time to be selfish and we’re planning to milk it. celebrated the birth of our son in 2012.  We’re certainly not living in the moment anymore–it’s a constant schedule of naps, baths and mealtimes…with a little running thrown in for good measure.

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