Nothing Spells Motivation Like New Gear!

March 22, 2010

I totally hit gold today at Marshalls and Kohls.  Hey, don’t judge!  I am a huge penny pincher and will ALWAYS check out the discount stores  before paying full price for anything.  In fact, I’ll gladly spend hours comparing prices on Amazon and eBay and, in my opinion, the money saved is totally worth the extra effort.

Today I got two Champion Shape T-Back Sports Bras for $12 each at Marshalls (regularly $36).  Now I’ve never been a huge Champion fan in the past and almost skipped over these, but the lime green material suckered me in. 

I’m so glad it did – these sports bras may be my new favorites.  Now, I’m not particularly large busted (anymore), but the girls aren’t exactly … perky after a 25lb weight loss if you get my drift.  Where there was once a DDD cup,  now lies a sadly deflated C cup.  Keeping these girls where they ought to be usually requires two (count ’em, two!) brassieres to keep the bounce at bay.  These sports bras, passed the fitting room jump test with flying colors and I’m super excited to try them out on my run today.

I also picked up a new pair of Nike+ Colorblock shorts (I’m loving that the patriot blue matches my Baltimore Half Marathon shirt from last fall perfectly).

Nike+ Colorblock Running Shorts

and a pair of Nike  Filament Capri Pants that I plan to debut this afternoon as the skies are currently spitting and the wind is picking up.  Made of Dri-FIT material, they have a pocket that runs horizontally across the small of your back that’s the perfect size for a  cellphone or key and the back of the knees are mesh for maximum ventilation. $45 on Nike’s website, I paid only $35.99 (plus my 15% off coupon!) 

Nike Filament Capri Pants - Women's

*update post run* Looove the butt pocket!  No noticeable bounce, and the fabric kept my car key completely dry on a three-mile run – in misting rain no less.