Blissful Bumper Stickers!

January 13, 2011

Christmas is a great time to be a runner.  Maybe not for the frigid temps or the icy sidewalks, but definitely for the presents!  I’ll do a run down of all my new gear in an upcoming post, but first I wanted to share with you  the most surprising gift of all.  Blissful Runner bumper stickers!

It all began with an offer of free promotional items from a generous reader.   Megan works at and  contacted me to see if I would be interested in some custom merchandise to promote the blog.  Of course I immediately jumped gleefully around the room said yes, and eagerly checked out BuildASign’s website to see what they had to offer.  There were a lot of products to choose from, but finally I decided to create a bumper sticker for the site and share with all of you. 

Now, Megan didn’t ask for anything in return other than a link back to her company’s website, but I have to tell you guys, if you’re ever looking for promotional materials has a huge selection.   Whether your looking for your business or for personal items, they have tons of products and services.  For the DIYer they have countless vinyl decalsart prints, and magnets (wouldn’t those make great Save the Date cards for a wedding?!) to make it easy.  For the workplace they offer banners, posters and even car wraps (I’m loving the pink Barbie Hummer!  Think she lets Ken drive?) to help keep your brand visible.

Best of all, they have an amazingly easy-to-use platform for you to create your own designs.  Thier default colors and fonts were great and I didn’t even bother to change them.  I was able to upload my own image in seconds and see a fill size proof of my design before sending it to the presses.  Despite the fact I’m the most indecisive person on the planet and always second guessing myself,  I whipped these babies up in about 5 minutes. 

Want one?  All you have to do is email me and I’d be happy send one your way.  Catch me at

Fellas, sorry it’s pink, but I’m a pink kind of girl!  I do stop a little short of a pink car wrap though…


Hint, Hint

September 29, 2010



I’ve had my eye on this baby for over a year and in less than three weeks I’ll actually have earned the supreme honor of wearing it.  You know, assuming I don’t keel over and die at mile 24… fingers crossed!  Although, in the event that does happen, I’m sure that this necklace can be custom ordered to read “24.3” if need be.  You can bury me in it and I will leave this Earth a very happy girl.

Please note, unless your mug looks like this  guy:

(a.k.a the most handsome, endearing, supportive and
loving husband
on the surface of the planet) 

you may disregard all shameless plugs for material gifts in commemoration of once in a lifetime accomplishments.

That is all.

Running in Wine Country

August 6, 2010

The two thoughts that struck me as I set out on my 7 mile run yesterday were:

  • Damn, it’s cold!
  • And wow, incredibly flat!

Odd, as flat and cold are not the two descriptions that come to mind when looking at this landscape.

However, on the valley floor the roads are as flat as a pancake and the thick fog that rolls in over the hills blocks the sun.  It burns off around noon and the temperatures soar into the 80’s, but when I left the house I was in my stepmom’s borrowed long sleeve shirt and wishing I’d brough my running capris.

The food here has been more than I could ask for.  My father and stepmom buy only the freshest and healthiest ingredients and for this I’ve teased them my entire life.  Now that I’ve made these changes in my own kitchen, the trip represents the first time I’ve actually appreciated the spread they place in front of me.  Organic yogurt, melon, berries, nuts, sprouted grains, coffees and teas.  Yesterday the coffee did me in though, and on my run I had to stop at St. Joseph’s Lutheran Church and beg to use the facilities!  Today, I’m sticking to nettle Tea. 🙂 

My father took the photograph above on one of his projects.  He’s a landscape architect, and I must say, Napa is the place to get those creative juices flowing.  The arid landscape lends itself fully to beautification.  In fact, it almost requires it.  If a space isn’t masterfully designed and impeccably landscaped it’s just desert.

Today we’re going to the Marin Headlands for a hike, but first I have a run to get in.  Cross your fingers I don’t freeze!   


July 17, 2010

Things that made my week:

I actually woke up wanting to run this morning.  As I mentioned earlier, my motivation for morning runs has been lacking lately, which is a shame since that’s the only time the temps drop below 80 degrees.  It’s also a shame that I couldn’t give in to this unexpected urge this morning.  You see, I have a 14 mile long run planned for this weekend – a new personal distance for me – but since I’ve run 18 miles in the last three days I had already decided that today should be a rest day, or at the most an easy cross-train.  So even though I was roaring and ready to go at 6am I made myself go back to sleep.  Poor self, I know. 😉

SALES!!!  Compression socks are on sale at Rite-Aid.  Buy one ($18) and get one half off!  Woot woot!  AND oatmeal was on sale at Superfresh.  When I saw the buy one get one free sign, I scored 6 boxes.  I think I’ll be good on oats for, you know, like a week or two. 

I got my own office!  I used to have my computer and everything set up in a big open space in our estimating department at work.  It looked a lot like a reception area except that it was nowhere near the front entrance of the building.  However, one of our project managers retired and our VP had us do some shuffling around.  The new office is smaller than my previous space, but it’s mine!  And it has a door which excites me to no end (there’s nothing like working under a deadline and having people stop to chit-chat every 5 minutes). 

The only downside is that everything in there is white.  White walls, light grey counters, and white shelves lined with white binders.  My black and white art prints aren’t making the same statement the did before – they’re just blah.  I’m thinking I might buy some contact paper to wrap my floating shelves in.  And a maybe a new art print from Ikea.  Hmmm…

 OR!!  (oohh, I’m getting excited now!) I could purchase some fabric and wrap it around  scrap wood panels from the shop (working in construction comes in handy on just about a weekly basis) to make my own wall art!   And THEN…I could buy a coordinating pattern to cover the shelves!

Ok, must stop.  I could spend all day putting amazing pattern combinations together!  I’m a bit obsessed with the pink and green color combo, see Exhibit A.

Oh, I am SO on board with this idea though!  It’s super inexpensive and even better, it’s all perfectly temporary so I wouldn’t have to worry about damaging office property.  Of course, I would hit up Michael’s before purchasing designer fabric from an international retailer, but it’s still fun to pretend I’m rich and can afford such luxuries!   

Do you enjoy interior design?  Redesigning a large space such as my whole house intimidates me, but I find smaller spaces totally doable.  I’ll be sure and share photos when I’m done!

Beachin’ It

May 29, 2010

Hey guys, sorry to be so quiet this weekend but I am too busy soaking up the tranquility of North Beach.  Catch you all after the holiday!

Tweasure Your Wuv

May 22, 2010

I tried to quote Princess Bride at work the other day and it totally fell flat.  I guess I didn’t have the right audience.  Have I mentioned I work in construction?  Yeah.  So, I figured I ought to try in another forum.  Here goes…

“Sonny, true love is the greatest thing in the world except for a nice MLT – mutton, lettuce and tomato sandwich – where the mutton is nice and lean and the tomato is ripe” – Miracle Max

If you haven’t read the book yet, you must. Really.  It’s that great.  Anyway, we didn’t serve MLTs at our wedding, but here’s a peek at what did go down that day.




Now I’m just trying to figure out how to defrost this


to make it once more resemble the top layer of this

Anyone ever saved the top layer of their wedding cake to break out again on their anniversary?  The idea of eating year-old food freaks me out just a bit, I’ll admit – but have I mentioned it’s almond and butter cream??  I think I’ll risk it.  

Fun wedding tidbits:

  • That’s Natty Boh and the Utz girl on our cake topper.  Baltimoreans should get the reference, all others can go here for the story.  We had it custom made by Mud Cards on etsy.  My garter and veil were also etsy finds (though the feather hair piece came with the dress).
  • I bought my $1,100 dress on e-Bay for $165.  Tags still on.  Oh Snap.
  • We got married on a Thursday (of a four-day weekend mind you) and saved a pretty penny.  Seriously, the catering, flowers, photographer, venue – all of it was half price.
  • The musician who played at our ceremony and reception is Damion Wolfe.  He used to play at the restaurant where Kirk and I first met on Saturdays nights and Kirk used to request all my favorite songs.  Damion made sure to play them on our wedding day, including  this one for all you Marylanders!

Happy Anniversary, Kirk!  I love you!!


Milking It

May 20, 2010

I know that no one really cares about some random wedding that took place a year ago, but it was an incredibly special day for me.  It’s not very often that a girl gets the opportunity to show of her wedding day pictures, but tomorrow is my one year wedding anniversary … and I’m planning on milking it!

First, our engagement photos because you REALLY never get to show these off!  Photo credit goes to Thomas Sanderson Photography who did both our engagement and wedding shots.  He took amazing photographs, and was friendly and easy going, however, I do not recommend him.  There are many reasons for this, but the clincher being that it’s been a year and he hasn’t completed our album yet.  Before I get all hot and bothered, let’s change the subject, shall we? 

Kirk and I got engaged Memorial Day weekend, 2008.  In bed.  Yup, I don’t think I ever actually said yes.  In fact, I think my actual response was, “but… I’m naked.”  He’ll never live it down. 🙂

Save the Dates! So much fun.  We tried to recreate a photo booth strip to relay the message.  For the record, Kirk picked out the pink envelopes.  Just sayin’…

The invites.  I made these myself.  LOVE how they turned out, but ohmygoodness, such unnecessary stress! (click to enlarge)

Bachelorette party. I’m not a party kinda girl so the night was pretty low key.  Tapas,  board games and lots of sangria!


Our rehearsal Dinner was at Michael’s Cafe Raw Bar & Grill … I think my mom has all these pictures on her computer.  I swiped these from Facebook, but my family was there.  Honest.

 Check back tomorrow for pics of the big day!  Here’s a sneak peak …