Hello There, Stranger

Two and a half years ago (has it really been that long?!) I left you all high and dry and abandoned this blog without a word.  Initially this was because I was dealing with a situation that left me craving a little privacy.  Suddenly putting my daily struggles and triumphs out there for all of the interweb to interpret didn’t seem as therapeutic as it once had.  For those of you that checked in during that time, thank you. I appreciated your concern, and knowing that I was missed gave me a good case of the warm-fuzzies.

You might have even convinced me to come back had it not been for one tiny hiccup:

2013-0702 (0)
I became a mom.  This little guy now rules the roost and as you can imagine, my life has changed in every possible way.  Blogging came in second to snuggles and tickles … and, who am I kidding?  It came in second to showers and sleep, too.

You guys probably have a lot of questions so let me see if I can’t anticipate a few.

Did you run through your pregnancy?  Yes! Logan completed his first race–a half marathon–when I was 4 months pregnant.  I continued to run up until I was 36 weeks along.

Are you still running?  Yes!  Just not as full-throttle as I once was.  A few folks from my office started a small running club. We’ll tackle a few hilly miles 2-3 times a week during our lunch break.  In May we completed the Warrior Dash and this October we’ll be running the Baltimore Marathon Relay together.  We ran it as a group last fall too, so I’m counting on a good time.

Do you run with the baby?  Yes! My first stroller run was when Logan was a month old (I started running solo two weeks post-partum).  Back then he used to sleep through our runs–now, not so much!  I’ve yet to complete a race pushing the stroller though.

What type of jogging stroller do you use?  We have the Baby Trend Expedition.  I love it.

Are you back for good?  To be honest, I’m not sure. A baby isn’t the only thing that turned my life upside-down recently.  My husband and I also rented out our house and purchased a new one.  Our new place is a mid-century modern fixer-upper (we’re smack dab in one of those buy-the-worst-house-in-the-best-neighborhood scenarios) and it’s going to demand a lot of attention over the next few months years.  In fact, I started another blog called MCModern(ization) with my husband to document our trials in home repair/renovation.  We thought it might provide a nice creative outlet for us when the thought of picking up another paintbrush makes us want to scream.

Anyway, posting on our other site has made me miss this blog and the friends I made here and so I wanted to stop in and say hello.  I never stopped reading your posts and I must say, wow, some of you are doing amazing things!  You are as much of an inspiration as you’ve always been.

Feel free to visit us at MCModern(ization) if you’re into that kind of thing!


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