Run Fast and Carry A Big Stick

Things I learned on last evening’s trail run:

1)  An emergency pair of gloves should be a staple in any gym bag for when it’s unexpectedly 50 degrees and windy.

2)  Running with your hands in your armpits for warmth makes trail running a bit more precarious.

3)  Hands can remain numb for 9 miles (or aproximately an hour and a half) and still regain feeling without medical attention.

4)  Wild  Agressive off-leash dogs are not deterred by cold weather.

5)  Teddy Rosesvelt may not have been a runner, but he was on to somthing with his “big stick” philosophy.

6)  Those dogs didn’t stand a chance.


4 Responses to Run Fast and Carry A Big Stick

  1. Hahahahaha love it! Good for you for getting in 12 miles, on the trails, AFTER work! You are amazing!

  2. Pam says:

    Sounds like a dog OWNER needs to be bashed in the head with a big stick for having off-leash dogs on a running trail!


  3. Aneta says:

    hahhahah! good advice.
    u must have looked so funny with ur hands in ur armpits!
    but i did hear somewhere that the warmest part of the body is under the armpits!

  4. lizzyj1305 says:

    hey girlie!
    I am currently obsessed with trail running, for so many reasons! my last run there were COWS every where! and they were running alongside me…so weird!
    I hope youre having a great weekend!

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