Husband: “Is it bad that I’ve let the yard deteriorate to such a state that I need to take vacation time to get it looking presentable?” 

Me: Looks around taking in the dusty furniture, the cans of unopened wall paint in the corner, and various other home improvement projects begging for completion.  “I’d like to say yes, but I think I’m the wrong person to ask…”

Enter the stay-cation.  My husband looses any unused vacation time at the end of September every year — the anniversary of his hire date.  When he informed me that he was making this a two-day work week, I quickly consulted my  pay stub to see if I could join in the fun.  Well, fun is relative when you’re not using your vacation time to travel –we’re using it to whip this house into shape and hopefully put in back on the market in the spring.

In the past year, as our careers have begun to take off and our hobbies have seemed to gain precedence over our day-to-day responsibilities at home, our poor house has fallen by the wayside.  Once an impeccably clean and organized person, my bedside table is now buried in clutter, the floors haven’t been mopped since who knows when, and I have a honey-do list a mile long.  On one hand I feel guilty for prioritizing thing like my running and the blog over the dishes, but on the other I recognize how important it’s been to have these activities in my life and how they’ve kept me sane.  When all I wanted to do was crawl under a rock and hide from the responsibilities of work, life and everything else,  I had an outlet. 

That said, I can’t let my outlet become an excuse to avoid things I’d rather not address, and that is why I’m taking some time for me and getting things organized.  

On the agenda:

  • First and foremost, chill time — Porch-swinging, late-sleeping, pleasure-reading, quality time with my fella.  And no feeling guilty for it!! If we spend this entire break focusing solely on our to-do list, we’ll be no better off then before.
  • Cleaning — Dusting, vacuuming, mopping, laundry, and a good hands-and-knees scrubbing of the kitchen and bathrooms, baseboards, etc.  We missed the annual Spring Cleaning this year, so we’ve got an extra 6 months of icky to address.
  • Yard work — Grass cutting, edging, weeding, trimming.
  • Painting — Bedrooms, hallway, dining room and living room.  And the kitchen cabinets eventually.  The previous owner left us with some crazy colored walls that we never got around to changing.  Remember our pink home gym
  • Organizing — Do you have a junk drawer?  I have several, and they’ve gotta go!
  • Running — Our stay-cation nicely coincides with a cut-back week which is why this is so far down the list.  Only 30 miles this week: 8, 7, 7 and 8 miles all done at a slow, recovery pace.

Reading this, I’m afraid I’m making myself sound like a dirty slob, which is not the case.  Anyone else stopping by our house would probably say it’s clean, but I can see where I’ve slacked off: the recycling we forgot to take out again yesterday, shoved in the corner out of sight. The disorder of the pantry, the laundry room, the bedroom closet — pretty much anything with a door!  These things make me anxious, whether I can see them or not.   

Ok! It’s time to get crack-a-lackin’!  After lunch, I’m multi-tasking:  I’m running the 4 miles to The Home Depot to pick up paint color samples and then running back home to ask the boy’s opinion before purchasing.  🙂

Does a messy home get under your skin?   I can’t stand it!!


8 Responses to Stay-cation

  1. The Linz says:

    Happy cleaning!! I always feel so much better when my house is clean. Hope you and the hubs have a good time cleaning away. 🙂

  2. Pam says:

    Yes! It drives me BATTY! And it’s that way more often than not these days.

  3. James says:

    I’m there with you regarding letting life butt in the way of keeping the house clean. Ours is a pit lately. I’ve got some comp time and plan to use it in Oct. for a staycation/house cleaning blitz. Good luck getting it done!

  4. BostonRunner says:

    I actually admire that you put your hobbies before your responsibilities. I tend to naturally work the opposite way and I feel like the things I love to do suffer as a result. I just said the other day I wish I could disappear and have no responsibilities : )
    But anyways, I like the idea of a staycation, I often feel like as amazing as vacations are, they sometimes make you MORE stressed when you return to work/daily grind.
    Enjoy your break!

  5. Jaime says:

    HAHA I love that you’re running to Home Depot and back! 🙂 Good thing you just need paint samples and not a grill.

  6. Katie A. says:

    Hahaha! I had to laugh – we have all been there!
    But I LOVE a clean house which is why I don’t mind doing it and I do it every weekend. I know, crazy, but I would rather scrub a toilet then even go grocery shopping!
    Enjoy your staycation!

  7. I feel SO MUCH more productive, calm and at-peace when my apartment is clean so it’s a pretty big priority in my life. That being said, it’s only 650 sq feet or so, so not that difficult to tidy up 🙂

    Have a great staycation!

  8. Lindsay says:

    Oh man, I’m just glad I’m not the only one! My house is a constant MESS. Half-finished projects, floors need to be scrubbed, dust IS my paint color… lol. Hope you have a productive week!

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