The Lazy Playwright

Act I

Husband is nestled in bed, fingers rapidly tapping the keys of his laptop.  Wife is readying herself for sleep: changing out of her work clothes, pulling back the bed covers and slipping beneath the sheets.  She props herself up on the pillows, lifts a book from the nightstand and settles in for  a restful evening.

Oh, are you not running tonight? 
(He asks this innocently, but with a touch of surprise–this is clearly not the typical bedtime routine)

(She cuts him with a fierce side-long glare, pushes back the blankets and walks to the bureau.  She dresses in her sports bra and outerware, laces up her running shoes, and with one final scowl at her mate, heads for the door)    

(Not knowing what he’s said wrong and desperately trying to avoid making matters worse, he makes a tentative offering) …You look … cute?

(slams door)


What can I say?  Sometimes I don’t feel like running.  Sometimes I need someone else to keep me accountable.  And sometimes that person gets the brunt of my frustrations.  It’s a damn good thing I’m cute– no one would love me otherwise. 

I’m happy to say that despite my less than stellar mood, Act II is decidedly more up beat.  My assignment was 6 miles with 3×1600 at an 8:46 pace and 800m recovery jogs.  Here are my stats:

6 miles in 57:45/9:35 avg pace
Lap 1: 10:20 <– 1 mile warm up
Lap 2: 8:37
Lap 3: 10:28 <– 1/2 mile recovery
Lap 4: 8:43
Lap 5: 10:48 <– 1/2 mile recovery
Lap 6: 8:22
Lap 7: 10:35 <– 1/2 mile recovery, 1/2 mile cool down

I should note that mile 6 was mostly down hill, while laps 2 and 4 were 99% uphill.  The latter is why I ended up going faster than intended.  I have a hard time gauging my speed when hills are involved and tend to overestimate the speed necessary to maintain my pace while climbing.

Today is technically a cross-training day, but Husband is not home to guilt me into action.  I’m hoping that the 20 push ups I did this morning count for something because I think that’s as good as it’s going to get. 

Yes, I’m completely unmotivated, but I’m trying not to beat myself up about it too much.  Not only do I have to get up at 4am for this presentation tomorrow (holy crap, can I tell you how excited I am for that to be over?!) but I have the Annapolis 10 Miler on Sunday and I’m trying to rest up as much as possible without reducing the base mileage I’ve built up for the marathon.  That and I’d much rather lay here and eat another bowl of oatmeal than get on the stationary bike. 

Call me lazy or call me cute, it doesn’t really matter–I’m declaring it a rest day.  


9 Responses to The Lazy Playwright

  1. Pam says:

    Haha! Sounds similar to many scenes in my house. Except mine usually go like this: rather than getting dressed and going for my run, I just throw out a, “So are you calling me fat?!” lol

    It’s a huge inside joke between me and the hubs…

  2. lindsay says:

    LOL. sometimes it’s good though… that extra push out the door. usually when i ‘ignore’ it i then feel guilty/fat for not going running. like today for example… le sigh. sometimes you do need a rest day though – hope you feel ready to run tomorrow!

  3. Rest days are JUST AS important as training runs!!

    Do you usually run that late at night? Or maybe you guys hang out in bed in the bed in the evenings? Haha we usually don’t crawl into bed until 9:30-10 and I would NEVER run that late. Lol

    • You are right on both counts. In the summer we tend to hang out in the bedroom upstairs so we only have to run on A/C unit – we’ll read or watch tv. I do sometimes go out for late night runs but usually only if I’m starving after work and can’t imagine running on an empty stomach. Then I rush home for dinner and wait a bit before setting out, usually sometime around 8 or 9. Both were the case that night!

  4. Jamie says:

    rest days are necessary! good for you getting the repeats done though and enjoy your day off.

  5. abbi says:

    Sometimes I take stuff like that out on my husband too…he’s used to it though and just ignores my little fits. I’ve been having some problems getting moving some mornings lately. Usually once I get going, I’m fine, sounds like the same for you. Hope you are relieved today after your presentation is over!

  6. BostonRunner says:

    haha love the scene. I’m SO unmotivated right now too! I’m blaming it on the end of the summer. I’m exhausted and haven’t moved in the past two days and probably won’t be again today. Here I am attempting not to stress about it…

  7. I hear you. Some days I would never get out the door if it wasn’t for hubby. I may not always welcome the suggestion but I’m usually in a better mode when I get home 🙂

  8. Aneta says:

    awesome post. love the play style!

    good job on the run. that always happens to me too. there is a ton of hills where i live, and my laps always end up very different.

    happy weekending!

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