Maternal Exclamations

Some people might be embarrassed to proclaim to the universe that their best friend is their mom.  Not me. 

I grew up as an only child in a single-parent household.  My mother always treated me as a companion, a partner in crime.  I never had a curfew, or a bed time.  We fought as any mother and daughter would, but we argued on an equal playing field where differences were settled through compromise, not punishment.  She respected my judgement, trusted in my choices and I became a better person for it.  I learned to see myself as responsible and able from an early age.  As a teen, I trusted in my abilities, took pride in my accomplishments and grew more confident and more independent.


My mother is phenomenal.  She is the first person I call with good news, bad news or no news at all.  I typically avoid the telephone at all costs, but I make exceptions for her and our standing 5 o’clock gab fest.  My mom is the most fun-loving individual I’ve ever met.  The world is her playground.  She thinks nothing of what others think of her, and only of what she can do for others.  She is not only supportive and encouraging, but demonstrative in her enthusiasm.   She is beautiful.  I can receive no greater compliment than someone exclaiming I look just like my mother.  She is brilliant.  Her gift for memorization and her perpetual desire to learn are attributes I desperately hope I inherited but are merely lying dormant –perhaps they’ll emerge with age?  She is a natural with children and animals alike.  They can’t help but be drawn to her when they see their own childlike wonder and energy reflected.  She laughs with abandon, sometimes unable to stop before she wets her pants –no, actually not even then.

My mother is my role model in life and in love.  I could wish for no more for myself than to be as loved and successful as she.  Her beliefs are stong and her relationships are stronger.  She takes herself so lightly that I could turn green with envy.  If there is any one thing that would set us apart it would be that: while I am serious and sarcastic, she is care-free and honest.  Black and white.  Yin and Yang.  Mother and daughter.

Bronzed and pasty?

Earlier this week she sent me the following email for no other reason than because it was a gorgeous, sunny Tuesday afternoon: 

I celebrate your individuality, your unique footprint.  I have always felt that you were a bit eccentric, but you force me to remember that eccentricity is a form of genius.  I take so much phantom pride in all of your achievements.  I am not surprised though, because I remember how you were about learning new things, especially in the physical realm.  I recall you learning to jump rope and ride a bike.  You were tenacious, you never gave up.  You always proceeded as though you had something to prove only to yourself, not to any one else.  “I’m not stopping until I can do it like you!”  This you said on the back porch at the T Street house as you were trying to jump rope for 5 hours straight!  No question that you would be able to do it by the end of the evening!

That is the way you are, once you set your aspirations.  I have no doubt you can accomplish anything!  There are no limits with you.  Anyone who can WALK for over 3 hours has my admiration.  You have all that and all of my love.

Yo Ma

Why am I telling you all of this?  Because THIS is why I run.  This is why I challenge myself.  Her encouragement and love is the driving force behind the person I have become.  She says that she’s in awe of me and my achievements, but she is the one who put it all in motion and I owe it all to her.  She deserves a very public thank you.

I love you, Ma.


16 Responses to Maternal Exclamations

  1. I love all the photos you just shared but especially the first one and last one!

    What a great post!!!

  2. Pam says:

    This was beautiful. 🙂 You and your mother are very lucky to have this relationship.

    Remember that every day.

  3. Yo ma says:

    OMG! Sweetheart, you have me at work sitting at my desk crying like a infant,(and possibly wetting my pants). All of this is only because you made it soooo easy to be a mother! I love you!!!!

  4. sarah says:

    I love this so much. Hi, Olivia’s mom, you sound like the bomb! My mom is my first call, too, when I have news of any sort. Sometimes she’s just filler while I’m walking somewhere, but she always makes it fun to talk to her. It’s nice to have that relationship. I really appreciate it.

    • Yeah, our 5pm chats take place as we commute home from work, so we have “filler conversations” too. But I like that she knows all the little things that are happening in my life just as much as I enjoy hearing about hers. 🙂

  5. Lindsay says:

    Love it 🙂 I did go thru the “omg parents are sooo not cool” phase but really, who didn’t. I’m glad they didn’t give up on me and my teenage atttitude though!

    Very sweet tribute to “yo ma”. Love that she signed the email like that! She definitely sounds like a fun and amazing woman:)

  6. Your mom is absolutely beautiful and yes, you both look so much alike! Thank you for sharing this – in fact, I think I will call my own mom right now and give my “no news”.

  7. Antie Marney says:

    You are so right about my sister. I’m sitting at my desk, tears running down my cheeks, as I read.

  8. lizzyj1305 says:

    awww you and your mama are both beautiful! I love this, my Mom is my bestfriend too! I hope you are having a great weekend chica!

  9. BostonRunner says:

    Beautiful post! I love the last picture of you and your mom. I could connect with a lot of what you said about your relationship with your mother, I agree the best compliment is that I look like my mom : ) You both look so alike!

  10. MCM Mama says:

    What a lovely post! And that last picture is just awesome.

  11. Molly says:

    beautiful post and pictures!

  12. Raquel says:

    This is such a fantastic post! Your mom sounds absolutely amazing! It’s so wonderful that you two have such a special relationship and close bond!

  13. Allisun says:

    Catching up on your blog… and then this… tear. So true. Every word!

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