I walked in the door after my 6 mile run last night (94 degrees with 86% humidity) and hollered, “Honey, I’m home from my swim!” 

Kirk met me at the door and watched with weary eyes as I dripped a trail of sweat from the front door all the way to the shower.  As I pulled my shirt over my head, he made a face and wiped at his sweat-splattered leg.

“Uh, babe?  Could you, like, try to be more conscientious about your grossness?”

Opps. My bad.


8 Responses to Grossness

  1. Sue says:

    LOL….that’s how I feel after my runs these days!!

  2. abbi says:

    Haha! It’s great they put up with it, right? My husband told me I smelled like a farm animal once after a run. Gee, thanks!

  3. The Linz says:

    That is hilarious! You are a rockstar for running in that heat with the humidity! You should have given your hubs a HUGE hug after his comment. 😉

  4. Jamie says:

    Too funny! Maybe leave a towel by the door 😉 Great job on the swim 🙂

  5. Bert says:

    Yes I think sometimes we runners are an inspiration for other people not to start running.

  6. BostonRunner says:

    haha oh man you’re my hero for taking on that kind of temperature/humidity!

  7. Too cute! i give you props for running in that heat. If I don’t make it out before 7am, it ain’t happenin’!

  8. Hahahaha! That’s funny. And hey, sweat is a badge of honor that you worked hard for!

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