Things that made my week:

I actually woke up wanting to run this morning.  As I mentioned earlier, my motivation for morning runs has been lacking lately, which is a shame since that’s the only time the temps drop below 80 degrees.  It’s also a shame that I couldn’t give in to this unexpected urge this morning.  You see, I have a 14 mile long run planned for this weekend – a new personal distance for me – but since I’ve run 18 miles in the last three days I had already decided that today should be a rest day, or at the most an easy cross-train.  So even though I was roaring and ready to go at 6am I made myself go back to sleep.  Poor self, I know. 😉

SALES!!!  Compression socks are on sale at Rite-Aid.  Buy one ($18) and get one half off!  Woot woot!  AND oatmeal was on sale at Superfresh.  When I saw the buy one get one free sign, I scored 6 boxes.  I think I’ll be good on oats for, you know, like a week or two. 

I got my own office!  I used to have my computer and everything set up in a big open space in our estimating department at work.  It looked a lot like a reception area except that it was nowhere near the front entrance of the building.  However, one of our project managers retired and our VP had us do some shuffling around.  The new office is smaller than my previous space, but it’s mine!  And it has a door which excites me to no end (there’s nothing like working under a deadline and having people stop to chit-chat every 5 minutes). 

The only downside is that everything in there is white.  White walls, light grey counters, and white shelves lined with white binders.  My black and white art prints aren’t making the same statement the did before – they’re just blah.  I’m thinking I might buy some contact paper to wrap my floating shelves in.  And a maybe a new art print from Ikea.  Hmmm…

 OR!!  (oohh, I’m getting excited now!) I could purchase some fabric and wrap it around  scrap wood panels from the shop (working in construction comes in handy on just about a weekly basis) to make my own wall art!   And THEN…I could buy a coordinating pattern to cover the shelves!

Ok, must stop.  I could spend all day putting amazing pattern combinations together!  I’m a bit obsessed with the pink and green color combo, see Exhibit A.

Oh, I am SO on board with this idea though!  It’s super inexpensive and even better, it’s all perfectly temporary so I wouldn’t have to worry about damaging office property.  Of course, I would hit up Michael’s before purchasing designer fabric from an international retailer, but it’s still fun to pretend I’m rich and can afford such luxuries!   

Do you enjoy interior design?  Redesigning a large space such as my whole house intimidates me, but I find smaller spaces totally doable.  I’ll be sure and share photos when I’m done!


4 Responses to Redesign

  1. Tricia says:

    congrats on the new office!

  2. I like the idea of interiro design but I am picky so sometimes its a little tough.

    Congrats on the new office and have fun making it your own!

  3. Have a good 14-miler! This is a down week for me so I only have to do 9-miles tomorrow. This will be my last single-digit LSD run in a long, LONG time!

    I love the idea of wrapping fabric around some extra boards and hanging it on the wall! OR you could do it around a bulletin board and then pin pictures or other things on it too! Have fun decorating your office – I share an office with two other consultants, can’t wait to have my own one day!

  4. BostonRunner says:

    I love decorating/interior design! Pink and green is one of my favorite color combos – I love all the designs you have!
    Good luck on the 14 miler!

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