Long Run Switcherroo

What do you do when running 12 miles at 7am on a Saturday morning is the absolute last thing you want to do?   I don’t know about you, but I curl up with a loaded bowl of oats and blog.

I had a decision to make about my long run this weekend.  I could either run it this morning on my favorite trail with a group, or I could run it solo tomorrow.  Sounds like an easy decision, right?  But, wait!   You see, we also have Kirk’s 30th birthday party this afternoon … and hour away (side note: is this the birthday that keeps on going or what?!).  And tomorrow, I have a kickboxing session and blogger meet-up hosted by Anne P!  When I tried to determine which event would require more of my energy reserves it was a toss-up… hey, family can really take it outta ya!

Fast forward to this morning, and you can tell what option I chose.   A decision that was merely solidified when I checked the weather and saw this:

Yes, I know we’ve all seen worse these past few weeks, but trust me, this was all the encouragement I needed to stay in bed another hour and switch my long run for the 5 miler planed for tomorrow.  Because you can do anything for 5 miles right?

That said, I really do want to meet up with the  NCR Trail Snails.  From their website and Facebook page, they seem like a fun and active group.  I don’t recognize anyone from the picture, though.  Any readers out there run with the Trail Snails?  I like their slogan too. 🙂

We’re behind you all the way!

And as for the kickboxing?  Anne P has been partnering with LA Boxing and sharing about her training experiences on her blog.  Tomorrow LA Boxing has offered to run a free demo class for Anne and 30 of her readers at the Arlington VA location.  It’s over an hour away, but I was game!

Like I told Anne, I just hope I don’t embarrass myself with my lack of coordination!

So what do you do when you wake up for an AM run, with absolutely no desire to see it through?  Do you drag you butt out of bed anyway or do you give yourself a break?  Morning runs have become a little harder for me lately.  I think it’s because I don’t have all day to psych myself up for it and, let’s face it, I’m tired.   So for me, as long as I can reschedule it (not skip it!) I usually give my body …and my brain, a reprieve.


6 Responses to Long Run Switcherroo

  1. When I wake up and don’t want to run I usually get dressed anyway, wait a few minutes and see how I fee. Most times if I am ready I will go. If I still really, really don’t want to then I skip it. I figure that maybe my body is try to me something.

  2. Deanna says:

    There have been many a morning long runs that I really had to talk myself into them. I go back and forth in my mind as well. For me, I usually have a better day if I do the long run the day I planned. I end up kicking myself the rest of the day if I don’t. Good for you on the run! Have a good weekend, sounds like fun!

  3. Sometimes I will switch it around too! I just listen to my body!

    And we’ll be running 12 miles “together” tomorrow morning! haha, yay!

  4. abbi says:

    I sometimes make a switcheroo too. I didn’t have a long run planned this morning but was planning on 6. I looked at the clock at 6:00 AM and just wanted to sleep a little longer. So, I did. Gotta stay rested, right? I still managed to get myself out the door eventually, just a little later than anticipated. Have fun at the party, tomorrow’s run and kickboxing!!

  5. jamie says:

    Depends on the weather the next day or what I have going on the rest of the weekend. Usually I push it off if really not feeling it. Have a great weekend.

  6. Liz says:

    For me it depends on my schedule and if I can make it up later. If I’m really not feeling it, I try to push it off for the afternoon or the next day.

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