Athletes Run

My sister-in-law has this awesome Under Armour shirt that says “Athletes Run” on the front.  I searched the internet for hours and with the exception of a sighting on Run Lindsay Run, where Lindsay is sporting it in a few race photos, I can’t find it anywhere.  So sad.  I did find some other gems though. 

“Wicked” is my new favorite word.

I so need this shirt after I finish my first marathon in October!

I just want this on a bumper sticker… or maybe on a plaque above my desk.  My coworkers tease me mercilessly about my appetite.

Aside from the shoddy grammar, this is pretty funny.

“Runners have the best buns.”  Ain’t that the truth! 

This is so true.  And kinda sad.

 Do you have a favorite running shirt slogan?



9 Responses to Athletes Run

  1. Hahahaha I love the “Danger, Marathoner in Training” one. I would also like that as a bumper sticker! Too funny!

  2. Jamie says:

    Those are great! I think I need to go shopping for some new shirts 🙂

  3. The Linz says:

    LOVE THESE!! You had asked about my running shirt the other day, it was actually a wicking shirt from my I run for Chocolate and Champagne race! But I am loving these gems even more!!

  4. BostonRunner says:

    Cute shirts! I love that your new word is wicked. I can’t even remember when I didn’t used to say wicked.. it’s just automatic now haah

  5. Christina says:

    I bought a shirt that says
    Yes, I run like a girl. Try and keep up.

  6. Samantha says:

    Those are some really cute tees! I want to get a fun one for my 1/2 marathon training this summer.

  7. lindsay says:

    love these shirts!! the hamburger bun one – my favorite. where did you find it?

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