The Learning Curve

What I learned on last night’s 5 mile tempo run:

  • Eating half a sweet potato topped with almond butter 20 minutes before a run is a bad idea.
  • Running a series of hillsets with said sweet potato bouncing around will not make this any better.
  • Side bends can do wonders to ease a cramp and quell the urge to vomit.
  • Motorists will honk at you doing yoga poses on the side of the road, but it’s worth it.
  • When sunset is scheduled for 8:33 that does not mean you will have daylight left at 9pm.
  • Running the streets of B-more in looming darkness is a great plan if you’re trying to improve your speed. 
  • Running the streets of B-more in looming darkness is a terrible plan if you’re trying to avoid being chased, leered or whistled at.
  • Strange, inexplicable pain has abated completely. Sayonara injury, hello Marathon Training!

Last night’s workout:
Tempo Run
Dist: 5 miles including warm up; 3 mi @ 9:17; Cool

Garmin stats:
5 miles/48:11/avg pace 9:38

Lap 1: 9:56 (warm up)
Lap 2: 9:11 (untimed pit stop for puking stretching)
Lap 3: 9:07
Lap 4: 9:07
Lap 5: 10:49 (cool down –  Oh, there’s that cramp again. I think I might actually die this time…)


7 Responses to The Learning Curve

  1. BostonRunner says:

    Great job on the tempo run! It’s good to look over your stats and learn something on every run (especially during marathon training!) You’re only going to get stronger, glad the injury is gone!

  2. MCM Mama says:

    Great job on the run! Baltimore after dark scares me – possibly even more than DC after dark (or at least the parts of DC I’ll go in.)

  3. Good job! I have a tempo run on the books for tomorrow – I need to get out there before it gets too hot!

    Also, sometimes yoga stretches are just necessary 🙂

  4. MissZippy says:

    Excellent speedwork–running in B-more after dark! Sorry your food didn’t work out for you. Been there.

    I’ve got your comment on the sunscreen, btw. Thanks for the heads up!

  5. lindsay says:

    great job on the tempo! so hard to do in the summer heat 🙂

    i think you may find similar results eating much of anything 20-min before a run, so be careful!

    • I know! I usally wait at least an hour, but the sunset caught me off guard. I was expecting another few hours of light and all the sudden it started getting dim and I thought, “Well, it’s now or never!”. Should have opted for never! 🙂

  6. Great job on your run! And with that darn sweet potato bouncing around – I am impressed! Oh and I do think spontaneous yoga sometimes is a must!! 🙂

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