Two Steps Foward…

Yesterday I woke up and crawled out of bed, a grimace on my face in anticipation of a painful twinge that didn’t come.  I stepped into my pant legs gingerly, bracing myself as I’ve learned to do these last few weeks and … nothing.  Really?  That’s it?  I was doubtful, but as the day went on I continued to feel great.  As quickly as it came, the pain in my groin/thigh/butt area was gone. 

I knew I shouldn’t push it and should rest for a couple of more days, but I’ve been antsy as hell, and if I’m being honest, gettin’ a little chunky ’round the middle.  So after work I did a few stretches, and then on went the running shoes and I was out the door.  I know what you’re thinking, but I played it safe and started running in the direction of my husband’s office.  My  training plan called for a slow as molasses 6 mile run (a pace I had no problem at all with after an 8 day hiatus!), but I only planned on going that far if I was 100% pain-free.   I knew that if I headed toward his office, he would pass me on his way home and I could score a lift if I needed it.  See?  A responsible plan.  Aren’t you proud?

It felt awesome to get out there, but I was winded from the get go.  I could also feel the added bulk I’ve acquired over the past couple weeks bouncing around.  Sexy right?  Not so much, no.  A mile in I started to feel a familiar twinge, but I wasn’t sure if it was a sore hammie from my bike ride on Sunday (it’s been a bit tight) or the telltale pain of a not-quite-healed-injury.  I carried on with caution, but at 1.8 miles I decided I didn’t want to risk it and made the decision to walk once I hit mile 2.  I had planned to keep walking as I waited for Kirk to drive by, but not a moment later I saw him drive around the bend.  I waved him over to the side of the road and climbed in.   Perfect timing.  And see?  I am perfectly capable of making smart, albeit difficult, decisions for the sake of my heath. **beams and pats self on back**

I got home and stuck a bag of frozen peas in my shorts while I made dinner and spent the rest of the night on the floor stretching, but it was worth it.  And this morning?  Only the tiniest hint of discomfort.  I think I’ll hit the bike today and maybe do some weight lifting and then see if I can’t pick up my training tomorrow for my planned 5 miler.  Wish me luck!

How long do you wait after injury subsides before getting back out there?  My answer: as long as I can stand it, which, as you can see is not that long. 🙂


6 Responses to Two Steps Foward…

  1. BostonRunner says:

    I’d agree: as long as I can stand it. Probably not as long as I should, but when I know deep down I need rest, I usually give it to myself. Getting back into it is always hard, I hate that feeling of extra bouncing around hahaha

  2. i wish I was really smart and waited until it was fully healed…but really I wait until it hurts less and then just ease back in to what I was doing…very scientific

  3. Oh I’d be right there with you! It’s so hard to be sidelined from an injury!!

    Do you have a foam roller? I’ve personally never used one (waiting for my local running store to get them in stock again!) but I’ve heard AMAZING things about them from other runners!

  4. Katherine: What About Summer? says:

    it is so hard to wait to recover! I train through injury which I know is SO bad. hope you stay all in one piece for as long as possible!

  5. The Linz says:

    I have a hard time going more than two days without running. I am glad you took it easy and had a great plan of the hubs picking you up. Smart Girl! Hope the 5 miler goes alright today. I’m curious to hear about it.

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