Plenty of Pain, Very Little Gain

So, yeah I’m still hurting.  The frustrating part is that I’m not even really sure what hurts.  I’ve been calling it a groin strain, but really, it’s more like a super high hamstring strain?  Like right up there where your thigh meets your butt… and in a bit.  Yeah, not really a place you want to go around pointing at and saying, “It hurts HERE”.   It also doesn’t hurt when I poke or prod the area which doesn’t help isolate the source.  I can tell you that it hurts to step in and out of my pants, to get up from my chair, and to run.  I’ve been resting up for the past week, but haven’t noticed an improvement which is discouraging to say the least.   I have the Baltimore 10 Miler on the 19th which makes me a bit nervous, but I’m confident that I can tackle the distance without too much training so I suppose as long as I’m pain-free I should be good to go on race day even if I don’t train hard up until the day of.  Luckily, it’s my first 10 miler ever, so I don’t have the added pressure of any pre-existing race times to beat.

While I haven’t been running, I have been doing a lot of biking.  I’ve been logging 30-60 minute sessions on our recumbent bike most days after work.  It kinda sucks.  So this weekend, when I got bored of looking at the wall ahead of me and the weather had cooled off a bit I took my real bike for a spin.  Yeah that’s right… OUTSIDE.  I swear I had almost forgotten what the wind in my face felt like. 

I had planned to do a few loops around Lake Montebello, but ended up getting sidetracked when I passed Herring Run Park.

I knew there was a trail there because Kirk and I had started down it once only to get caught up playing in the creek within the first 100 feet (we have the attention span of small children) and we never continued on.  Well, on an impulsive whim, I followed the trail to it’s apparent end at Bel Air Road (2.5-ish miles), and then circled back to complete 6 laps around the lake before heading home.  I ended up logging 15.5 miles in about an hour.  I really have no idea if that’s good time or not, but I know I worked up a helluva sweat and conquered some insane hills so I feel pretty good about it.  My butt didn’t feel too great after being perched on such a little seat for so long, but such is life.  

A few of you have asked about the results of the Greenebaum Cancer Center fundraiser.   I know I wrote about it, and I’m fairly certain I hit publish, but alas, the entire post is MIA.   Short of writing the whole thing over again, the best thing I can do is bring the results right to you.  Check out the final numbers for yourself:

Sorry it’s a little late, but I’m thrilled to report that 24 generous contributors raised an astonishing  $1065.00!  That’s well over the $1k I had hoped to raise and I’m so happy with the results!  Again, thank you so much to everyone that contributed!

Lastly, and I finally got up the guts (no pun intended) to pick up a copy of this:

I was glued to it’s pags most of the weekend.  Stay tuned.



4 Responses to Plenty of Pain, Very Little Gain

  1. Glad to hear you’re enjoying the book! It’s hard to put down!

    That sounds like a good speed to me. I think I might be using my gears wrong because I biked 6 miles on Saturday and it took me 30 minutes and that was on totally flat surface. Maybe I’m not using the gears to there full potential – I really have no idea!

  2. The Linz says:

    I’m skiiiirrd. But very curious to hear how the book report is. Eek! I wanted to say way to rock your bike ride though. There is something so refreshing about the wind against your face out on the open trail.

  3. BostonRunner says:

    I’ve heard about that book – I don’t think I have the guts to pick it up yet!
    I know what you mean about being totally clueless on biking speeds and such. I read on a blog once that 15-20mph is a good speed (but they were pretty experienced), I’m sure it’s all relative! That seems fast to me though

  4. kilax says:

    We saw Foer speak (after I read the book). You will have to let us know what you think. I didn’t find much new info in it, but I know it was shocking for many.

    I am sorry you are still in pain, and in such an odd spot! Another friend of mine had pain there a few weeks ago.

    Ha ha. I have no idea about bike speeds too. I wish I knew!

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