Many Thanks

First and foremost I want to thank everyone for their awesome advice regarding the marathon training plan I selected.  I was really nervous about it and had been tossing some other option around (namely the FIRST plan), but you all convinced me that it looked sound and should prepare me well.  Thanks for the encouragement – it did a lot to ease my nerves.  I heart you guys!

So, yesterday was National Running Day.  Did I run?  Nope.  In fact, I haven’t run since Monday.  I pulled a groin muscle a couple weeks ago and it’s flared up again.  Strangely enough, it was fine for the half marathon – not even and inkling of discomfort – but this weekend there it was again, throbbing and basically being a nuisance.  I tried running through it to see if I could work it out, but no dice, so it looks like I’m back to the bike for a while.  I’m not too bummed about that though seeing as it’s hot as Hades in Baltimore this week.  Besides, I want to start my marathon training injury free and I have a couple of weeks before the programs starts.  I have every intention of using this time to focus on rest and rehabilitation so that I’m in tip top shape for week 1 of the training plan.

I just completed my registration for the Annapolis 10 Mile Run in August.  I’m still a little disgruntled about the lack of a finisher’s medal (I mean really, I shell out $60 and I don’t even get a medal??), but I have nothing on my race calendar between June and October and it looks like a challenging course which will be good for me.  My training schedule has me running 18 miles that day so it looks like I may have to go home and log a few extra after the race, but that’s ok.  

Self-proclaimed medal junkie:

I started this on the wall in my gym when I registered for the marathon as inspiration.  It doesn’t include my two most recent bibs or medals … I’ve got to get on that!  I’ve also seen other bloggers write their finish times on their bibs.  I thought that was a really neat idea and one day I’ll get around to that too!

In other news:

  • There is a new Y opening up in my neighborhood and … wait for it … it has a POOL!  And YOGA!  And PILATES!  It would be an extra $50 a month for us to switch our memberships there, but if I’m serious about trying my hand at a triathlon (oh, have I not mentioned that yet? My bad) pool access is a must.
  • Kirk has been waking in morning before work and logging miles on our stationary bike!  At the beginning of the year he set a goal to loose 30lbs by his 30th birthday, but then things took a turn for the worse at work and he became super stressed and unhappy.  He wasn’t really in the right mindset to get gung-ho about personal fitness with everything else on his plate and I completely understood that.  I’m not sure what changed in the past week, but I am super proud of his new-found commitment to be more active.  His birthday is in a month, so I think his “goal” is out the window, but that’s ok.  I’m just happy that he’s found his mojo. 🙂
  • My BFF from California is coming to the east coast for a weekend in September!  Holla!  We’re meeting up in NYC… so excited!   
  • Uncle Paul has sent me a new race to consider – the MCM10K put on my the folks at the Marine Corps Marathon.  Finishers get a medal, so I’m pretty much sold.  🙂

1) Does anyone know if breaking up a long run into two segments (in this case 10 miles and 8 miles respectively) would negatively affect the overall goal of a long run?  I’m guessing it’s not ideal, but that logging that extra 8 after the fact is better than not logging them at all. 

2) Do you have visuals posted around your house/office to keep you motivated?  The desktop background on my work computer is running related – gearing me up all day long for the workout to come.  I also have my training plan stashed in about 100 different places so that I have no excuse for skipping a work out.  


12 Responses to Many Thanks

  1. Jaimers says:

    Go to the new gym. I pay like $30 a class for Pilates, so once a week for a month costs me close to $120!

  2. Abbi says:

    Hello! I can’t answer your first question, but on the second one, I have a bulletin board above my desk (I work out of my house) with my race bibs and medals so far. And, I do write the times on the back of them. I like your inspiration wall though…looks great!

  3. BostonRunner says:

    I love the idea of visuals for motivation! I think this would help me!
    As for splitting up your long runs, once again I’m not an expert but I have heard of people doing this – so I think you CAN do it, however, it’s definitely not ideal because one of the main points of a long run is to get your body used to being on its feet for long periods of time. So that being said, I would say you could do it occasionally, but I wouldn’t do it every time.

  4. The Linz says:

    I am ALL for visual motivation. First off every year I make a vision board and cut out pictures and sayings that I want to reflect the year. Two years ago I did this and put a picture of a fit runner girl (I wanted my bod to look like hers, but I was not running then) by the end of the year I was a runner. Totally crazy how that happened! But I always post little post-it notes around my house that say YOU CAN DO IT or the 26.2 sticker to remind me what I’m training for.

    To answer your first question. I heard that sometimes that is the only way to get your miles in for the day. I would say since it’s such a LONG run day, make sure you have another few runs that you feel comfortable running the distance. But you are still running 18 miles in one day. So it has to count for something! 🙂

  5. lindsay says:

    it’s ok to split up SOME long runs, but you don’t want to split them all up. yes it’s better to split it up than not get in the mileage, but it’s also important to get in long runs all at once. so… yeah. feel free to do them sometimes when the schedule doesn’t allow for one long one all at once!

  6. jamie says:

    I didn’t run on NRD either. Hope you heal quickly!

    About breaking the long run up. It’s not recommended. The reason for the long run is to get you used to being on your feet/build the endurance mentally and physically. It is better to get the miles done however you have to. Have you thought about switching some runs around?

  7. Jess says:

    Yay you decided to sign up for the A10! I think it will be a fun race even though you don’t get a medal.

    And I had no idea you got a medal for the MCM10K…I might have to add that one to my calendar too. It’s all about the race bling 🙂

  8. Jess says:

    Oh and as for splitting up your long runs, tons of people do it. It’s not ideal, but on the day of a race, it’s better to log those extra miles than just skip them!

  9. kilax says:

    I hope your groin area feels better in time for training!

    I think breaking one run into 10 and 8 is not as big of a deal. I know they say not to do that all the time though! I have read that the longest run is the most important one.

    I have a wall of bibs/medals too 🙂 (here it is.)

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