Is It Nap Time Yet?

This weekend I spent far too much time lounging in an Adirondack chair:

gazing out at this:

That green pole you see in the 2nd picture is the hammock stand and you can bet that got put to good use too.  It was bliss.  In fact, the only downside to the whole trip has been readjusting to daily life.  I’m missing my afternoon nap in a big way right about now.

This isn’t to say that I didn’t get my runs in because I did.  How can anyone turn down a morning run on a deserted beach boardwalk?  I took Friday off, but logged 3 miles on Saturday and Sunday and 4 miles on Monday (because I knew there would be burgers and cake – my greatest weakness).  Despite my efforts to be good  (and I was really, really good), the scale seemed disinclined to believe me.  I logged my miles, did my core work, skipped the ice cream and FUNNEL CAKE and ordered and egg white omlet instead.  And for what?  To gain 5lbs?  Boo.  Sometimes it so doesn’t seem worth it.

To get my motivation back on track I spent my lunch break checking out marathon training plans and the Annapolis 10 Mile Run who’s registration opened this morning.  It’s a little pricey though and I don’t think finishers even get a medal.  I’m on the fence.  Anyone know anything about Annapolis 10 Mile Run?

I did choose a training plan though.  I settled on one from  the SmartCoach Training Program at Runner’s World.   According to this program, by October 16th I should be able to run 26.2 miles at an average pace of 9:49 for a finish time of 4:17:27.  I’m a little weary because  most the runs are written to be completed at a pace about a minute slower that I anticipated doing them.  There are also three 20 mile training runs (eek!).  However, I liked that it used my most recent half marathon race time (2:11:15) to determine my individualized program and it provided me a goal pace for race day.  This was something that my half marathon plan didn’t offer and it wasn’t until days before the race that I realized I had no clue what pace I’d been training for.  Cue anxiety.  

For future reference I’ve posted this plan under a new tab at the top of my site.   I’m also planning on repeating week 1 a few times since I’m ready to roll, but the race is more than 16 weeks away.  Any experienced marathoner have any suggestions or criticisms on this training plan?  Your input is much appreciated! 


9 Responses to Is It Nap Time Yet?

  1. That looks like an absolutely GORGEOUS place to run! I am jealous!!

  2. The Linz says:

    Your weekend sounded perfect! Love your chill spot. 🙂 I looked at your marathon plan and was pretty intimidated by the jump to running 10 miles in week one. But I assume it knows you have already been running, so it’s not like you are starting this plan without any running prior. I think I am still scared of double digit runs, I better get over that fear and fast! I am excited for you and your training. I will be excited to hear how it goes for you. Us marathon girlies gotta stick together! 🙂

  3. Jaimers says:

    5lbs? You are probably dehydrated. I ate everything in site this weekend, against my better judgment. However, I tried to eat less of each thing than usual – I kept telling myself “portion control, portion control”. But then Monday I had a cookie and a jelly doughnut for breakfast. HA.

    Your training plan sounds awesomely intimidating. Can’t wait to read your progress as you go!

  4. BostonRunner says:

    Looks like a beautiful view!
    I haven’t ever ran a marathon but I did look into some plans and such. I know Hal Higdon’s marathon training plan is a popular one, and you can also use the McMillan Running Calculator to see how fast/slow you should run each type of run based on past race times. If you don’t know about these, I would recommend looking into them, the calculator is really cool!

  5. jamie says:

    That looks wonderful. I want to go there now 🙂

    I used smart coach for one of my earlier marathons. Don’t worry about running slower than you anticipated. It is meant to get you use to being on your feet for a long time or recovery. Come race day you’ll be prepared. If you want 3 20’s keep it but 2 are good. Good luck!

  6. Abbi says:

    Good luck on your training! I took a look at your plan and might play around with the SmartCoach plans too. I’m starting my first official week of marathon training using a Higdon plan for my first marathon in October. Yours looks interesting and I like the predicted pace thing as well!

  7. Jess says:

    I signed up for the Annapolis 10 Miler. I’ve never done it before, but from what I’ve heard it’s a ton of fun and there’s great crowd support. Not sure about a medal though.

  8. Your weekend looks fab. I did 3 20+ mile runs while training for my first marathon and it really helped me feel prepared going into the marathon. I knew if I did a 23 mile training run, adding a few more miles during the actual race wouldn’t be too hard. Good luck!

  9. lindsay says:

    i agree with jamie – don’t worry so much about the paces. on “easy” days it is important to keep it easy! save the hard effort for workout days and long runs. if your easy is honestly a little faster than the prescribed pace some days, that’s ok. just make sure the effort is ‘easy’.

    20-milers are always intimidating, but they give you the ever important confidence for the big day! if you wanted to drop one back to 16-18 miles and keep 2-20’s, that would be OK.

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