Are You A Warrior?

Two of my cousins down in Georgia became Warriors this weekend.   Over a 3.4 mile course they scaled a wooden barricade, rappelled down a rock wall, dove under submerged logs and leapt over fire.  Now that’s bad ass.

must to do this.  My sister-in-law does a mud run every year with some friends and it always looks like crazy fun.  The Warrior Dash looks absolutely unreal.  I was beyond excited to find that they even have a race in Maryland as there are only nine locations across the US where they host the event.  I’m trying to convince Kirk that he and I need to become Warriors this fall.  So far he seems less than thrilled.  
In other news: I was tagged for the Versatile Blogger award by Linzi over at Destination 26.2.  Thanks Linzi!  The rules are to post 7 random things about me, then tag 7 of you to do the same, so here goes!

1)  I am positively horrible at the following: dancing, foreign accents (performing or comprehending), and bowling.  My husband is an avid bowler (and tennis/softball/football/volleyball/bocci ball player), but my ineptitude makes me want to cry and, more often than not, succeeds.

2) I can’t make a decision to save my life. Strappy heels or slides? Chinese or Subs? I usually defer these life-altering decisions to others.

3) I’m a serious breakfast person and under no circumstances do you want to be around me in the morning if I haven’t eaten.  Grouch city.  I have a bowl of oatmeal everyday – sometimes twice a day – and never put fewer than three toppings in the mix.  Favorite add-ins include cottage cheese, flax seed, chopped almonds, almond milk, pumpkin, greek yogurt, almond butter, Kashi Go-Lean cereal and bananas – and on special occasions, like Tuesdays, all of the above. 

4) I can’t sit in a chair with my feet on the floor.  My coworkers poke fun at me for this all day, every day.  I don’t know if it has to do with my scoliosis or what, but I feel absolutely naked if I don’t have at least one knee tucked up to my chest, though my preferred position is a full-on squat in my chair.

5) I’ve been in 14 car accidents – officially totaling 4 of the 7 cars I’ve owned in the 12 years since I began driving – though  I was at fault in a surprisingly few number of these incidents.  My dad says I should give up on cars and get a horse, but I was once thrown off a horse into a tree and landed on an electric fence, so I’m not sure I’d fare much better in a saddle.

6) I went to a visual and performing arts high school (Have you seen FAME? Yeah, it was kind of like that) however, I was too chicken to actually get up and perform until I uncharacteristically signed up for a soloist vocal course in college.  I sang Natalie Cole’s Orange Colored Sky in the department’s choral concert and got a standing ovation.  That was the first and last time I’ve sung in front of an audience … well, sober.  Which brings me to…

7) I don’t drink.  It’s not a moral thing and it’s not even that I don’t like the taste of alcohol (though I will admit that I don’t love it).  It’s simply that I can think of a thousand other things I’d rather waste my calories on, namely bread and chocolate.   

I’d like to tag: Caroline at Boston Runner, James at Runner’s Bug, Kim at ilaxSTUDIO, Lindsay at Chasing The Kenyans, Jamie at Running and Some Sauce On Top, Jess at Run Girl Run, and Amber at Girl With The Red Hair.  Thank you all for being my bloggy friends!  Sorry if you’ve already been tagged, I can’t keep up anymore!

Have you even run in an extreme or otherwise unconventional race? 


5 Responses to Are You A Warrior?

  1. James says:

    A friend of mine did the Warrior Dash in Texas a month or so ago. She loved it. I’d thought about it but decided I’m not in enough shape for that this year. Holding out til next year. Good luck with it! And good luck getting Kirk on board!

  2. BostonRunner says:

    Thanks for the tag! this is fun : )
    I’m super indecisive too and I love that you always have to sit with one knee to your chest, that’s definitely my favorite way to sit in a chair haha
    The warrior dash sounds intense!

  3. lindsay says:

    thanks for the tag! fun tidbits about you. i too suck at making decisions 🙂 “where do you want to eat” is such a hard question you know?

  4. The Linz says:

    That warrior dash sounds insane! But awesome! I would say I don’t think I am hardcore enough for that but I would do a mud run. That sounds like a lot of fun actually.

  5. kilax says:

    They have the warrior dash here! I really want to do it. Someday!

    Thanks for the tag! I don’t drink either, for the same reason 😉

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