Milking It

I know that no one really cares about some random wedding that took place a year ago, but it was an incredibly special day for me.  It’s not very often that a girl gets the opportunity to show of her wedding day pictures, but tomorrow is my one year wedding anniversary … and I’m planning on milking it!

First, our engagement photos because you REALLY never get to show these off!  Photo credit goes to Thomas Sanderson Photography who did both our engagement and wedding shots.  He took amazing photographs, and was friendly and easy going, however, I do not recommend him.  There are many reasons for this, but the clincher being that it’s been a year and he hasn’t completed our album yet.  Before I get all hot and bothered, let’s change the subject, shall we? 

Kirk and I got engaged Memorial Day weekend, 2008.  In bed.  Yup, I don’t think I ever actually said yes.  In fact, I think my actual response was, “but… I’m naked.”  He’ll never live it down. 🙂

Save the Dates! So much fun.  We tried to recreate a photo booth strip to relay the message.  For the record, Kirk picked out the pink envelopes.  Just sayin’…

The invites.  I made these myself.  LOVE how they turned out, but ohmygoodness, such unnecessary stress! (click to enlarge)

Bachelorette party. I’m not a party kinda girl so the night was pretty low key.  Tapas,  board games and lots of sangria!


Our rehearsal Dinner was at Michael’s Cafe Raw Bar & Grill … I think my mom has all these pictures on her computer.  I swiped these from Facebook, but my family was there.  Honest.

 Check back tomorrow for pics of the big day!  Here’s a sneak peak …


7 Responses to Milking It

  1. jamie says:

    Definitely milk it girl! Love all the pics! Those invites are awesome and I am in love with your shoes! Gorge! Happy almost anniversary!

  2. Aww Happy Anniversary! I love those photos – especially the one where he’s carrying you!!

  3. Jess says:

    Your wedding stuff is super duper cute. I can’t believe you made the invites! And I looove the save the dates!

  4. MCM Mama says:

    Love the pictures and LOVE the shoes!!!

  5. kilax says:

    I LOVE seeing the photos! Milk it! I can’t wait to see more of those fuchsia shoes! 😉

  6. lindsay says:

    love your invites! that must’ve been a LOT of work – yikes 🙂 i’m too lazy for all that.

    happy anniversary!

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