Live to Work, or Work to Live?

On Saturday I’m running in the Step Up for St.  Tim’s 5k Run to promote my company, a local construction management firm.  The run benefits St. Timothy’s School’s Global Scholars Program, but the main reason I’ll be there is to network.  St. Tim’s may have some work for us on the horizon, and I’m being sent to shake hands with the big-wigs and show our support. 

This will be the second race I’ve run in on behalf of my company and, since I was also asked to have some shirts made so that I can wear our logo on my back, it looks as though there will be more in the future.  A race with my entry fees covered in full?  You’ll hear no complaints here!

Does your company utilize your running obsession habit to their advantage?  If you’re interested, just do what I did and check out races in your area to see if any are sponsored by or benefit a cause your boss might be interested in.  From a business development standpoint, it’s great; races are relatively inexpensive and the representatives you’ll meet are usually much more open to new ideas on a Saturday morning out in the sunshine then they are in a stuffy board room.  An added bonus: you have an automatic ice breaker – just try not to insult anyone with your speedy finish time!

For me its win-win.  The races are both a fun way to get my excercise and do what I love, while making new connections that help me in my career and simultaneously benefit my company.  It can’t get much better than that.   


7 Responses to Live to Work, or Work to Live?

  1. MCM Mama says:

    That’s awesome!

  2. Jamie says:

    That’s very cool your company does that. I could see mine laughing at me if I made the suggestion 🙂

  3. James says:

    I didn’t even see this one. It’s practically down the street from me. Instead we’re headed to south of Columbia for a 5K. Oh well, have a great time and good luck networking while you run! J/K

  4. heck ya I’d be running if they were paying for it!! My company particiaptes in a corporate challenge and seriously considered flying me back from Miami to get points in the running events

  5. Jess says:

    That’s pretty cool that you’re company does that. I would totally be up for it if we did something like that!

  6. The Linz says:

    Umm.. that totally rocks! 🙂 Wow, totally wish my company had something like that. What I do doesn’t really fit into the fitness catergory. But how awesome that you get to do that. Good luck! I know you will do your company proud!!

  7. I love my company for exactly this reason! Last summer when I was training if I wanted to come in at 10 every once in awhile so I could get a long run in before work – no problem, all I had to do was fire off an email in the morning! I love it! We also do office yoga once a week (this is something we just started) which is very cool and fun!

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