You Know You’re a Runner When

I’m not really sure when I became a runner.  Was it the first time I ran a mile without wanting to die?  After completing my first race?  The first time I dreaded a scheduled rest day? 

This weekend, as I tackled some spring cleaning, I took a look at my clothes hamper and said, “Yup, I’m a runner all right.”   The sight of all the sweat-stained tech gear opened my eyes to other dead give aways scattered throughout my home, my car, my purse and my behavior.  I’m still not sure if there was any one day that I crossed the line from wannabe to runner girl, but I’ve compiled a list of reasons why I consider myself a runner today.  Want to play?

You Know You’re A Runner When:

  • Your sports bras out number your everyday bras by more than half.
  • You’ve lost count of the number of nut butters in your pantry.
  • You can convert kilometers to miles and back again without breaking a sweat.
  • You know the exact times of both sunrise and sunset.
  • You worry about being able to finish all the loaves of bread you’ve baked/purchased before they start sporting little fuzzy green spots.
  • You know the one mile point from your front door – in any direction.
  • You set your alarm for 1.5 hours before you actually plan to wake up so that you can stumble to the kitchen, fuel up and get back to bed for another hour while your tummy digests before your run. 
  • A shopping spree does not include a trip to the mall.
  • You take more ice baths than hot baths.
  • Birthday presents include gift cards to Sports Authority, the On Top of Spaghetti cookbook, and a mass of DriFit and Heat/ColdGear items.
  • Pedicures require dark polish. No exceptions.
  • The doctor clips a pulse monitor to your finger and a crowd of open-mouthed nurses gather at the door. (yes, this really happened!)
  • You think of all food in terms of it’s carb and protein content.
  • You’ve busted the odometer button on your car trying to map out runs. (no, this hasn’t happened…  yet)
  • Your internet browser is set with as it’s home page.
  • You actually look forward to using Pot-a-Potties.
  • You won’t spend more than $30 on shoes for work, but will drop $100+ on running shoes and think it’s a steal.
  • You have a funeral for your watch when it dies.
  • You have a separate laundry basket for your running clothes, in fact, your “delicates” load is comprised of 99% tech gear.
  • You factor in possible running routes when looking into buying a new home in a new area.
  • Coworkers no longer ask what you did this weekend – they ask how far you went.
  • You tell your mother/husband/friend you ran 11 miles and they say, “Oh, is that all?”

Tell me, do you know the exact moment you began to consider yourself a runner?  What strange habits do you have that mark you as a runner now?  Leave comments below!


7 Responses to You Know You’re a Runner When

  1. BostonRunner says:

    I think I actually do know the exact moment I began to be a “runner”. It was just last fall and I had this crazy idea to try to train for a marathon. It ended up failing, but my entire mindset of running changed.
    I guess you could technically say I was a runner for years before that. I ran, but I never really pushed myself to the limits. I think the lifestyle and attitude change was really what turned me into a “runner”.

  2. The Linz says:

    Omigawsh – I love this!! I think my running moment came about a month ago when I was telling someone about my 5 mile race. They were like OMIGAWD, you must be SO tired, you ran 5 miles today. It didn’t seem like a huge deal that I ran 5 miles, but when I realized that it wasn’t that huge of a deal to me I knew that I was officially a runner.

    You know your a runner when, the only watch you own is your running garmin watch.

    You know your a runner when you plan your date night with your bf around your group run schdedule.

    You know your a runner when you actually look forward to a nice glass of water, plate of pasta and an early bedtime on a friday/saturday night before a race.

    My favorite.. the one about not wanting to by work shoes, but not even blinking and eye about dropping $100 on running shoes. SO TRUEE! 🙂

  3. MissZippy1 says:

    These are great–so on the mark! I guess mine is knowing that I prefer going to be early to get up for my long run on a Saturday to going out.

    On another note–shoot me an email about your marathon pace/long run pace. I think we can hammer this out and get you more on track. I’m suspecting you could probably aim for a faster marathon goal than what you have set out.

  4. lindsay says:

    these were great. i pretty much wear sports bras daily – not just for running. haha. and shoes!!! too true. $100 running shoes is a STEAL but heck no i won’t buy dress shoes for more than $30! lol.

  5. I realized I was a runner when I was in my car and passed someone running and instead of thinking-that guy is crazy! I thought I want to be out running!!

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