Two Tumbs

Guess who has two thumbs and was the only one to show up for the group run last night?  

A track workout.  In the rain.   

If you said, “This girl!” you would be correct!  Even Coach was a no-show.  Guess the rain scared ’em off?  Either that or I was at the wrong track.  (I much prefer to think that I was just the toughest one out there!) 🙂 

I’ll be the first to admit I was exceptionally weary about heading out in the deluge, but I didn’t want to miss the first meetup just because I was afraid of getting wet.  I had a few minor freak-outs about the clothes I’d packed in my gym bag and being cold, but decided to be a big girl and tough it out.   

I got to the track 15 mins early and didn’t want to sit in the car and wait (and up the odds of me chickening out!) so I got started right away.  It was a loose gravel track (actually more like pebbles) which was new territory for me, but good seeing as my shins/calves have been a mite sore recently and I figured it was a nice change from pounding pavement.  I did a 12 x 400 workout with one eye on the parking lot watching for the crew to roll in.  Maybe they got one look at me dressed up as a drowned rat and kept on driving.  Ha!  

My times weren’t so hot (how much of an increase should I expect running on loose gravel?) and I was struggling too keep a 10:00/mi pace.  It wasn’t an official looking track though so who knows if it was even a true 400 meters.  My mile repeats were pretty equal across the board though, so that’s good.  All in all, I had a good time and was pretty pleased with myself just for getting out there.   

No run tonight.  I’m getting all dolled up and heading off to a work gala at the Hyatt.  Weee!   



2 Responses to Two Tumbs

  1. BostonRunner says:

    Great job being hardcore and heading out there in the rain!

  2. The Linz says:

    You are hardcore girly!! To stick it out in those conditions – way to go. That sucks that your group failed to show up. 😦

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