This ‘N That

Our Friday night was a smashing success!  The husband and I shelled out $370 after work – and no it wasn’t on a bar tab!  That’s right, we didn’t go out partying – we went shopping (that’s what married couples who don’t drink do on Friday nights for excitement)!  I’m actually pretty pleased with our loot considering we picked up 2 suits (gotta love sales at Jos. A Bank), a new cell phone (after rebate Verizon actually paid US $20!), and groceries at Whole Foods and Fresh Market (thanks for the reminder, James!). 

Anyone else have trouble finding a low calorie protein powder?  I used to use one put out by Jillian Michaels that was only 55 calories, but I can’t find it anymore and now I’m hard-pressed to find a replacement with less than 100 cals that still packs a protein punch.  I also can’t see spending what feels like $9867.99  on a box ‘o dust.  I settled on the Whole Foods brand at 80 calories for $10, but I’m underwhelmed.

Yesterday was my rest day, and unlike last week I made a conscious effort to eat lighter foods and a lot more greens.  I had toast with jam for breakfast, chicken and spinach salad for lunch, an apple, some veggies and humus for a snack, and a veggie and brown rice stir fry for dinner.  I still felt mildly bloated this morning, but much better.  Maybe getting out for a walk in the evenings would help.  I can’t help but feel like it’s a shock to my system to be so sedentary … or maybe it’s all in my head.

Came across this great article on MSN the other day. It’s full of tips for and amusing facts about runners.  Probably not much you don’t already know if you’ve been running for a while, but hilarious nonetheless.  Don’t miss it!  … After reading it, I’m just wondering … how many of you have mastered the Snot Rocket?  I haven’t attempted it yet.  Sounds messy!


5 Responses to This ‘N That

  1. James says:

    No problem. Have you heard of Roots? It’s another organic store. A bit out of your way probably, the closest one is in Clarksville off 32 and 108.

    • Olivia says:

      Yes! I drive by that place on the way to the in-laws! Everytime I see it I get excited, but then realize there’s no time to stop. I’ll have to start planning ahead!

  2. I use whey protein powder and really like it – it’s about 130 cal per serving though!

    Thanks for sharing that article: Hilarious!

  3. BostonRunner says:

    ahah I enjoyed that article, thanks for sharing!

  4. lindsay says:

    i’m not married and that’s more exciting of a friday night than mine 😉

    i need to get back in the habit of protein powder! unfortunately i have to look for special ones b/c of my food allergies and of course the ones i can have are like $40, booooo.

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