The IT List

Busy day and lots to talk about so we’re going with bullets.  I love lists, don’t you?  They make me feel so organized and efficient!

  • The Saucony run last night was great.  I started out in the back of the pack, but slowly moved my way up to the front and by mile 4 I was leading the group back to home base.  4 miles in 32 minutes – another personal best.   I could get used to this! 😀
  • Got to test drive the Saucony Triumph last night.  I really liked this shoe.  When I first put it on my initial thought was, “Bummer!  I like these better than the Brooks I bought last week!”  Out on the road though, they felt about the same.  And when, in our 3rd mile, I picked up a pebble in the treads that I couldn’t knock loose, I was ready to lace up my Glycerins again.  I do however, highly recommend the  Triumph as a quality neutral shoe for any other suponators out there.
  • Didn’t win any of the prizes raffled off after the group run (a performance top, a bottom OR the free pair of sneaks).  So sad.  I will definitely keep my eye out for more of these sponsored group runs though.  It really pays to be on the mailing lists for the local running stores (even though sometimes I feel like a traitor for keeping up with more than one). 
  • Did score an Atlas foam roller on my way home (3 failed attempts at 2 gym supply stores and a WalMart.  Finally met with success at a Sports Authority in a dark and dusty corner).  The foam roller is 24″ long which is the smaller of the two sizes they offer (36″ seems to be pretty popular) but I love that I can use it in smaller spaces and not have to worry about knocking into walls and furniture.  Verdict?  Fabulous invention!!!!  I spent an entire episode of LOST working out the kinks.  My quads were the worst!  But it hurt soooo good!   I can already tell I’m going to morph into a foam rolling addict.
  • Just one question: how can anyone justify charging so much for a piece of foam?  The 36″ roll was $40!  For heaven’s sake, it’s a piece of styrofoam!  I settled for the smaller one, but actually, I think I like it better.  I can do my foam rolling in our cramped little living room without knocking things over (which I do plenty of already even without an extra 18″ appendage).  
  • Ok, I saved the best for last….. Thanks to all  your wonderful donations I have met the $500 fundraising goal I set for the Maryland Half Marathon!!!  In fact, we blew it outta the water.  That doesn’t mean the fun is over though because when the donations kept rolling in, I upped the goal to $1,000!!  If you’re interested in donating to the Greenebaum Cancer Center it’s really easy.  Just click here to read about the cause and click Donate!

Is your email flooded with running newsletters like mine is? Sometimes it’s a pain to sort through, but totally worth it when you find a diamond in the rough!


4 Responses to The IT List

  1. Jess says:

    Wow, that is expensive for a foam roller! I have one, but it was a gift from another runner. Guess I should go back an extra thank her!

    Love the look of the Sauconys, but I have been running in Brooks for nealry 5 years and can’t imagine running life without them!

  2. BostonRunner says:

    Great job on the run! I’ve heard good things about Saucony shoes. And foam rollers.. definitely the greatest invention ever.

  3. Jen says:

    Great time Liv!!!

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