Stretching in High (On)Demand

I was killing time last night, waiting for The Biggest Loser to start, and found myself browsing through Comcast’s OnDemand menu.  Did you know that Sportskool has a whole section on Running and Racing?  It’s an awesome resource for runners of all levels.  They have segments for newbies (which are kinda cheesy in my opinion, but relatively informative nonetheless) on tackling your first 5k, tips for marathoners, and even a few episodes on triathalons (which I didn’t get a chance to watch). 

Most interesting to me were Running Training 1, 2 & 3 –  three installments for marathoners which focused on stretching and strengthening to reduce injury and aid in recovery.  They even had an awesome tutorial on foam rolling that suckered me in and I am definitely picking up one of those babies on my way home tonight!

I’ve never been much of a stretcher – maybe 3-5 minutes when I get back from a run, or here and there when I’m feeling particularly tight.  The trainer in these clips, Mark Verstegen, really made an impression on me.  I’ve always done strengthening moves with respect to my core muscles, but never paid much attention to the muscles and ligaments surrounding my hips.  His point was that since most the movement involved in running centers around your hips, preparing them properly for the run and realigning you body when you return, can really help in performance and recovery.   The stretches and strength moves were pretty simple, though there were a lot of them and I know most of them I won’t remember.

If you don’t have OnDemand you can watch the clips on the Sportskool website.  Defintely worth a look-see!

After I swing by Dicks Sporting Goods for my foam roller I’m headed to Charm City Run for a Saucony sponsored group run.  Apparently we will get to try some new Saucony products on the run and also get some free Saucony gear and a 15% off coupon just for showing up.  That’s my kind of run! 

I’ve never worn Saucony before.  I’m more of an Asics and Nike kinda girl.  Though I am really liking my new Brooks shoes – I may be a convert!

What’s your favorite brand?  Do you have favorites in different categories of apparel and gear? 



2 Responses to Stretching in High (On)Demand

  1. The Linz says:

    That website sounds really neat. I am definitely going to check it out. This marathon-virgin needs all the help she can get! Also, your Saucony run sounds awesome. Hope you gots lots of cool free stuff. I personally am an Asics girl too! 🙂

  2. Jess says:

    Ohhh you will love/hate foam rolling. I have one and it does wonders for my IT band, but it can be painful if I neglect it for a few days!

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