Goodbye, Old Friend…

Today I am laying Mr. Garmin in his coffin original packaging and shipping him off for emergency surgery.  Word came back from Tech Support and it doesn’t look good.  Cross your fingers.

At least he lived a quality life.  Albeit only two weeks, he enjoyed the sunshine and bright blue skies of April.  He even caught the cherry blossoms.  We shared some epic runs and he partook in more than one PR.  He put a smile on my face nearly every day. 

I’m hoping Mr. Garmin’s warranty proves to be as failsafe as he (when he was good, he was very very good), even though he was an eBay purchase.  Apparently, eBay is a dirty word among those in the warranty biz at Garmin.  If not, I’m screwed.   On second thought, better cross your toes too.


6 Responses to Goodbye, Old Friend…

  1. BostonRunner says:

    Aw that’s so sad about your Garmin! Hope everything goes okay, I’ll cross my fingers!

  2. Oh no! I hope Mr. Garmin gest fixed FAST! I would go crazyyyyy without my Garmin and it’s not even as nice as yours 😉

  3. RunToFinish says:

    Garmin has a surprisingly good policy for fixes…but holy cow only two weeks!

  4. The Linz says:

    😦 So sadddd. I hope that they give you a new one pronto.

  5. lindsay says:

    very sad 😦 hope you get it back/a new one back soon!

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