Kickin’ the PLOMS

I did it!  I laced up my new Brooks* and busted out of the PLOMS – what my mom always refered to as the “Poor Little ‘Ol Me’s”.  And it was AWESOME!  Whatever little funk I found myself in on Sunday (read about my horrid long run experience here), miraculously went as quickly as it came.  Thank heavens!

I’m not sure what it was, but I knew even before I left the house that things were going to go better today.  It’s 47 degrees out which is cooler than it has been for the past week or so, and it’s drizzling a bit.  When I got out of work (early, yay!) I looked up at the sky and thought, “Eww, no bueno”.  Somewhere along my drive home though I started thinking that it might be fun to get slopping wet out there.  I haven’t run in the rain in who knows how long and I guess I missed it.

I didn’t end up getting as wet as I expected, but it was chilly.  I bundled up in long pants and layered a jacket over an old race shirt.  I skipped the gloves, but buried my hands in my sleeves.  I also made sure to bring my iPod today.  In tuned in to the dance mix from our wedding (our musician went off playlists I’d set up on my iPod when he was on his breaks) and rocked out. 

I did two Cruise Intervals at what was supposed to be a 9:30 pace, and 9 Speed Intervals at what should have been an 8:56 according to my training schedule.  Since my Garmin is still kaput however, my actual times were way off.  I finished 3.7 miles in 33:11, an avg 8.9 minute mile and more than 6 minutes faster than planed.  Whoa!  That’s like a record for me!    So, yeah, I totally suck at pacing myself, but it’s hard to be bummed about that when I just completed what was far and away my best time for that loop.  🙂

I think the key for breaking the bummy I-hate-my-life-as-a-runner-attitude was mixing up the playing field.  I took an old route that I hadn’t run in months, I ran intervals to break up the time, I carried my favorite tunes, and I embraced the change in the weather.  I also made a huge deadline at work today (with 2 minutes to spare!) which I’m sure helped as well.  I didn’t really feel anxious about it over the weekend, but I suppose stress can manifest itself in some sneaky ways and that may have been a factor on Sunday. 

* Got the new Brooks Glycerine 8s last Thursday and they are treating me fine.  I did get a bit of a friction burn on my run today, but I blame myself for wearing super low socks.  My bad.  I am loving the yellow and blue!  So sunshiney!  Aren’t they cute?!


I wish every day came together as easily… Ok, I’m off to find some grub.  I’m thinking a big Green Monster and a something involving polenta.  Mmmm… 


3 Responses to Kickin’ the PLOMS

  1. The Linz says:

    I love running in the rain! There is something about it that makes it fun. Well, as long as it is not super super windy! Glad to hear your running attitude was better today. I can completely relate to how some days you are just feeling it and others you are not.

    • Olivia says:

      I’m so glad I started this blog and started following various others – it does wonders to hear stories from other people and know I’m not the only one!

  2. James says:

    Great job on getting out there in the cold and wet. I didn’t make it myself. At lunch I told myself I’d meet with the running group today, but after work it was too cold and wet for me. The wet I don’t mind but not cold and wet.

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