I Ain’t Gonna Lie …

It was bad.  Real bad.  Thoughts of hanging up my running shoes for good kind of bad.  And that was only three miles in. 

It’s all mental. I know it’s mental, but knowing it and being able to snap myself out of a funk are two completely different things.  A half hour into my 10 mile run on Sunday I was thinking of calling my husband to come and get me.  I was wondering if I could get my money back for the marathon this October.  I was wondering why the hell I signed up for any of this.  The kicker was that I was fine. Nothing hurt, the weather was perfect, I wasn’t even pushing myself, but the only thought running through my head was, “I’m miserable”.  And it was on repeat. 

By mile 5 I was feeling a little better.  I’d planned and out and back so I was coming up on my turn-around.  At 5.5 I ate a few bites of a Fiber One bar and that helped too.  Mile 8 my right ankle started to feel stiff, but I was entering my home territory… there’s my grocery store on the left, and that awesome Thai place just ahead.  Familiar landmarks make it easier somehow; nothing quite like coming home right? 

Miles 9 and 10 were my fastest.  I felt good and strong.  I didn’t collapse as soon as I walked in the door like I had imagined I would in my head.  Instead I made myself a green monster, stretched, took a shower and then a 30 minute nap. 

If there’s anything I learned from this rotten experience it is that I am my own worst enemy.  And that some tunes would have likely been a good distraction.  A few bars of Gonna Fly Now (aka the Rocky theme song) probably would have done the trick.  I haven’t run with my iPod in a few weeks.  Ever since I got my Garmin actually – I guess I can only wrap my head around one electronic device at a time? 

Speaking of Mr. Garmin, I was all prepared to give you the review of the 405 that I promised a few weeks back.  It was going to be a pretty decent review too.  Too bad he won’t turn on.  Any tips? 

Honestly though, I love this little guy.  He’s completely changed the way I think about my running and the way I train.  I never realized before how much my speed varies between a quick three-miler (I average about a 9:30 pace) and a long run (Sunday’s was an average of 11:04).  It was my first double-digit run of the season so I took it really slow, maybe too slow.  I was afraid of tiring myself out early in the game, but knowing I felt good in those last few miles (pace closer to 10:30) helps me to I know I can pick it up for next weekend.  I feel I should defend my time a bit here and note that Baltimore county is exceptionally hilly. I feel valid saying this as I grew up 1.5 hours outside of San Francisco, aka the hilliest of hilly locales and thus, I know my hills.  It’s rough driving up some of these hills, let alone running them.  Ok, back to the Garmin…

My only qualms about the 405 are:

  • It’s HUGE on my wrist.  I have to wear a sweat band wrapped underneath of it to keep it in place.  They really ought to make the thing adjustable or in various sizes.   Who came up with this one-size-fits-all gimmick anyway?  It fits my husband who is 6’2″ and has 100lbs on me perfectly, but that doesn’t really help me much now does it? 
  • I can’t figure out how to set the display screen.  I’ve gone in and set all my data fields, but I still feel like it shows me whatever it wants to.  Sometimes it displays two fields, sometimes one.  Sometimes it shows me how far I’ve gone, sometimes how far I have to go.  As I manically press buttons mid-gallop I am sometimes successful in finding the display I’m looking for. Sometimes not.  I’ve yet to determine if this is user error or not, so I won’t hold this against the watch, but I will go as far as to say that if it is user error, it’s not a very user friendly interface, because I’m not altogether that dense.  Really… I’m not.**
  • The blank screen.  What gives? Is there really not a reset button on this thing? I wish I could tell if it was not charging, or charging but not turning on.  At least then I would know if it was the power cord or not.  Sad panda. 😦

**UPDATE:  After contacting the folks at Garmin they offered to fully overhaul my 405.  I packaged Mr. Garmin up and shiped him off.  A week later he was returned to me better than ever.  I am now able to choose my display settings without difficulty and can say with certainty that my experience with the 405 was atypical as the device had a few glitches.   After two months of use, I’ve had yet to experience any further issues with the display and/or settings.  Aside from the fact that the watch is still HUGE on my wrist, requiring me to wear a sweatband underneath to keep it in place, I’m really pleased with the product and the service.

Ok, on to the highlights (I know, I’m a total Debbie Downer today.  It’s safe to say it’s work stress, but we won’t get into all of that).  Typically, I’m completely drained of any and all energy after a long run.  Even if I load up on protein afterward, I’m usually pretty useless for the rest of the day.  Now, I’m not saying I had tons of energy after my nap yesterday, but I did make it to my husband’s football game and spent three hours on the field socializing and whatnot.  I even lasted through a few TV dramas when we got back to the house.  And then I slept. For ten hours.  But that’s still worlds better than I can usually say for myself.  Go me!  And, even better?  I don’t have an inkling of pain today!!  Crazy!  I wonder how much of that I can contribute to our new super-fantasic Sleep Number bed? 

If only I had as good of a time ON my run, as I have AFTER it…. Well, there’s always next weekend’s 10 miler!

When your brain chatter gets you down, what do you do to snap out of it?  


4 Responses to I Ain’t Gonna Lie …

  1. BostonRunner says:

    The iPod really helps me snap out of brain chatter. When I start to have doubting thoughts/etc. I try to put on a motivational song or one that always puts me in a good mood. All the questions you were having though during the first three miles of your run, is what I’m having now. Nothing feels right and I just keep asking myself why am I doing this? I’m going to take a rest for a bit and see how it goes..

  2. […] Whatever little funk I found myself in on Sunday (read about my horrid long run experience here), miraculously went as quickly as it came.  Thank […]

  3. The Linz says:

    I wish I could help you with your 405 – I am having silly problems with mine too. When the screen is blank that means it out of batteries and needs to be recharged. I know that their user guide is not very helpful, but you might check with a local running store in your area and see if they offer garmin classes. I know they have offered those classes around my neck of the woods for free, I just haven’t been able to attend them.

    On your run, it’s good that you didn’t let your thoughts defer you from your run. I think we all battle that little voice that says “we are crazy for running 10 miles!” but it’s always such an amazing accomplishment in the end when we have realized we just ran 10 miles! 🙂 I am glad you stuck it out.

    • Olivia says:

      Thanks for the props! I’m glad I stuck with it too. And I had no idea they had Garmin classes! How cool is that? I’ll definitely look into it! Yeah, mine sat on the charger for 24 hours and never came back to life. A hard reset (holding both silver buttons for 30 seconds) didn’t work either. I emailed tech support, we’ll see what they say…

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