Give It A Rest

How do you guys feel about rest days?  Personally, I look forward to them all week, but then when they actually come around I feel like I have more energy then ever.  What gives?

Last night I was supposed to do nothing but let my muscles recover … and I failed miserably.  I swung by the gym on my way home from work and put in a half hour of heavy weight training.  It was everything I could do to not take off running when I left.  I actually felt the need for speed.   Now why doesn’t that happen when I have long runs planned??  Honestly, if we hadn’t had a thunderstorm warning in effect paired with high-speed winds, I’m not sure I could have restrained myself.

On top of all that, I ate like  runner all day (lots of carbs and PB) which made me feel guilty and bloated when I didn’t get in the activity I was accustomed to.  Next week when my rest day rolls around I’m going to have to plan accordingly with less breads and more greens.  Do you alter your food intake when you know you won’t be running?

Fundraising update!
Three more donations came in last night and this morning!  Thanks to Tyler, Warren and Lindsay – you guys are heros!


6 Responses to Give It A Rest

  1. BostonRunner says:

    I hate rest days, I rarely plan for them. They just naturally tend to happen once a week when life gets in the way. When I don’t work out in the morning, I never really feel like I woke up. I feel sluggish and tired all day and usually feel hungrier! (which I find odd). Maybe it’s about your attitude on rest days, that give you so much energy? Or it could have something to do with the fact that you are “choosing” to work out rather than “forcing” yourself to work out..?

    • Olivia says:

      Agreed! It’s a total state of mind. Usually my rest days are like yours – days when you just can’t find the time. Yesterday was a planned one because it was just that kind of week (i.e. boring!). I didn’t really consider that it might have such an effect on my emotional state!

  2. Jess says:

    Yesterday was a rest day for me and I was bouncing off the walls last night with energy. I don’t know what gives either. Not cool.

  3. The Linz says:

    I struggle sometimes with them too. Today for example is a planned rest day due to my race tomorrow. But I am dying to get out there and run sooooo badly. But I may just have to take a nice walk or leisurly bike ride instead to feel satisfied. I try to plan my rest days but if opportunity knocks (running group meet-up, spur of the momemnt yoga class..etc) I try to switch my rest day to another day. I pretty much take every day as it comes.

  4. lindsay says:

    i seem to eat the most on my rest days… and then i feel fat 😦 my “theory” behind rest days is to take them if i need them (if my body is giving signs of tiredness). usually i am lazy at least one day a week so i never really have to listen to my body since i am a bum by default sometimes. but when i am on a roll i keep “streaking” until something says it needs a break. i’m trying to workout everyday right now, with at least one day being a short & slow run or gentler cross-training.

    you are welcome! i couldn’t do all that solicitation and then not back my words up 🙂

  5. […] was my rest day, and unlike last week I made a conscious effort to eat lighter foods and a lot more greens.  I had toast with jam for […]

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