Taking on a New Distance

On Sunday I registered for two new races, one of which is a new distance.  Yay!  I’ve already tooted The Maryland Half Marathon next month (if you haven’t already, go donate for cancer research!!) which I am very excited about.  I am equally geared up for the Baltimore 10 Miler in June.  My first 10 miler!  I’m excited!  Anyone else out there running in either of these? 

My Uncle Paul ran the B-more 10 Miler last year and said the race premium was awesome.  According to their website, Runner’s World recognized them as having the Nation’s Best Swag in 2009.  Rumor is the 2010 swag is a Fila half-zip moisture-wicking jacket. 

I’m guessing something like this? I hope s0, it looks great!  

My run last night was in 90 degree temps, but I still managed to pull off negative splits – though I guess that doesn’t carry the same weight when you only log 3.5 miles.  But hey, it was HOT, so I felt good about it.  Which brings me to my…

Running Tip of the Week:
When running through a Crip neighborhood, wear blue … and run fast. 


3 Responses to Taking on a New Distance

  1. Lots of luck to you in the Maryland Half Marathon. I hope you are successful with both the run and your donations.

  2. BostonRunner says:

    Congrats on signing up for the races! I think 10 miles sounds like a fun distance!
    90 degree whether isn’t meant for running outside, I’d never be able to survive that kind of heat! Great job getting in 3.5 miles!

    • Olivia says:

      Luckily it was a dry heat (which I’m accustomed to growing up in California), I’ll have problems later in the summer when the humidity settles in! 🙂 *gasps for air*

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