Hawaiian + Asian = Fusion of Yum

Dinner last night was a dream.  Kirk surprised me by taking me to a restaurant that we had walked by months ago, remembering that I said it looked interesting. Roy’s is a Hawaiian fusion restaurant.  If you’re asking, “what the heck is that?”, well so was I.  According to their website, Roy’s is a fine dining restaurant where “European techniques and Asian cuisine meet Hawaiian hospitality”.  Sounds eclectic, and maybe even a bit pretentious, but you know what?  It works.

We were greeted with a round of “aloha’s” and a bowl of seasonded, warm edamame.  We started with red curry braised blue prawns served with “French English peas and Okinawa purple potato” (wasn’t purple).  Tasty little devils, plus we had fun sucking the brains out of the shells (can’t take us anywhere!).

For our entrees Kirk ordered the filet mignon which was served with cripsy potatoes au gratin and asparagus.  He said it was cooked to perfection and since none was left behind, I believe him.  I had a sampler platter with grilled salmon, blackened ahi tuna and Hawaiian style butterfish (tastes like bacon!).  Never in my life have I tasted anything so divine!  Kirk also sampled two Hawaiian beers, a porter and an ale, while I stuck to water and later coffee (long run in the am!).

Dessert  was a pineapple upside down cake with coconut ice cream.  When the server brought out the dish, she came armed with a camera to take our photo (they knew it was a celebratory dinner).  When she returned with the check she presented us with this picture in a keepsake frame.  Cute!

I didn’t feel comfortable whipping out my camera in the fancy pants dining room, so alas, there are no pictures of our meal.  I went to their website to find descriptions of the yummies we devoured for the blog and discovered that there are Roy’s all over the country.  I highly recommend you check ’em out for your next special occasion. 🙂


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