I think my affinity for all things lettered can be attributed to my name.  The name Olivia may be the 6th highest ranking name in the nation today, but when I was growing up I was hard-pressed to find another Olivia outside of a Shakespearean play.  When all the Jessica’s and Jennifer’s were running around with their personalized erasers in grade school, it wasn’t until I was well into my college years that I finally found my name inscribed on a pen in a novelty shop. I bought three.  To this day I’m drawn to just about anything with my initials on it and that love obsession has extended to anything and everything lettered – especially if it’s vintage. Old signs, marquee letters, stamped bricks (that’s a whole other post), engravings … I’m a sucker for them all. Which brings my to my latest acquisition:

 “Inspire” – could it get any more perfect than that? 

When I saw this sweet little gem by typewrds on etsy, I couldn’t help but hit that ever-so-tempting “add to cart” button.  And for $4, who can blame me?  I placed these vintage letterpress  letters on my windowsill just above our kitchen sink and they make me smile every time I glance that way.

What makes you smile?


One Response to SPELLbound

  1. The Linz says:

    How funny is that? Your name is just now becoming popular and mine was popular at the time of my birth – unbeknowst to my parents, as they claim they would have NEVER named me Lindsay if they would have known! It’s just interesting that our names can have such an impact on lives. I am loving the stamp!! 🙂

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